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Oh no, not another real estate blog! Before you click back to Google, please give me a chance!

Funky, fun, sometimes a bit eccentric, I have been told by a client (or two) I am the coolest agent around. Why? Because I have a ball with my clients during the transaction but, more importantly, continue to add value after the closing.

It’s my view that being a homeowner is not just about a transaction where you sign a bazillion papers - it’s a long-term commitment!

I am not just a Realtor: I am a small town girl with Midwestern values that are part of my core. I’m also the kind of person who carries many childhood friends with me well into my thirties. This is why clients see me as an all star agent, I’m more of a friend who’s there when you need one for any of your needs . . . I’m also a design, decorating, and domestic diva. While I would never call myself the "M" word (Martha) I happen to be a significant source of information.

Think of me as a resource for items resembling, remodeling strategy; product resources; contractors big and small; decorating ideas; and forecasting trends. Truth be told, I want to be your real estate expert for life! The main aspiration in my career is to begin with a client and finish with a friend.

On a more personal note. I have been married for 7 years to one of my oldest and dearest friends. We have a 6 year old son, Jude and a 2 year old daughter, Victoria. My family and I live in a wonderful community where we own a Victorian home we adore.


I am a total foodie, yogi, Buddhist wannabe, design & magazine junkie.